We are undergoing a change to update the appearance and information on the website. Please feel free to look around as we work. Hoping to have most things functional by mid-January.

  • Mining in the Hills

    Remains of the mining industry from years past can be seen along many trail systems throughout the State. Make sure you are looking around so you don't miss points of interest that make the ride worth it.
  • Color in the Trees

    Some of the best scenery can be enjoyed when the leaves are turning Fall colors. Of course, you don't want to wait all summer to see them, but you may want to catch them on your return trip to the trails.
  • Typical Trail Ride

    Most rides you will take on Utah ATV trails will look just like this. Driving in and out of beautiful scenery and enjoying the ride with family and friends.
  • Time for a Break

    There are lots of places along the trail to take a break, look around, and visit. Don't forget to stop and enjoy all the beauty that can be seen from the trail, and don't forget your lunch.
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We are currently working on the site, incorporating what was here before with new information. We have also added a whole new section for the ATV community to share information about the trails and your experiences on the trail. Our goal is to supply you with all the information you will need to find, navigate and enjoy all the trails available in Utah. The following is a short list of what we hope to provide to you over the course of the next several months as we roll out the new features:

  • Trails 101 - general information about safety, trail ride preparation and riding your ATV/UTV on the trails
  • Trail Systems - there are several trail systems in the State and many trail sections to ride
  • Jamborees - most of the trail systems have jamborees that occur once a year, these will be highlighted
  • Multimedia - the best way to get a glimpse of what you will experience is to see it via pictures and video
  • Forums - even better than static information from this website or any other place, is live, current information from people who have been on the trails. The Community of riders in the forums are the people to talk with about your future trips. Information you will find in the forums:
  • Forums - so discussions can take place surrounding ATVing and Trail Riding in Utah
  • Blogs - have something of interest related to Utah ATV Riding, why not blog about it so the rest of us can keep up
  • TrailWiki - Looking for the most up do date and comprehensive information on the trails in Utah, this is where it is going to be
  • Media - All of us take pictures and videos of our rides, why not upload them and share them with those of use who are anxious to see them
  • Classifieds - this is a place to put ads up regarding ATVs, ATV equipment, etc. that you either want to buy or sell
  • Shopping - shopping cart coming soon

We are anxious to bring you additional information about anything related to ATVing in Utah, from trails to ATV manufacturers. We realize that there are many of you out there that know more than we do about trails in your area, have experience with different types of ATVs and UTVs, have pictures and videos you would like to share and who want to weigh in on various topics. So, this site contains new Forums, Blogs, Media upload areas, Trail information, etc. with contributions from you, the trail rider.