Who Should Certify?


Why should you become certified as an ATV rider?

There are actually two correct answers to this question, depending on your age.

If you are under the age of 16 and have no valid driver’s license, if you want to legally ride an ATV you must be certified. Even if you don’t want to legally ride an ATV, if you want to preserve your own life, you should become certified.

If you are age 16 or over and have a valid driver’s license, the law does not require you to become certified in how to operate an ATV, but self-preservation would certainly have some influence in your investment of a few hours. If you have no valid driver’s license, then you should have an OHV certificate, no matter what your age. The ATV Safety Institute (aka ASI) offers classes for adults and youth to learn how to ride safely. The State of Utah also offers training courses, primarily for youth, but certainly adults are welcome to participate and certify also. A certified adult can also be a course instructor for the youth.

When you purchase a new ATV from a dealership you will be informed that you will receive a free scholarship to attend the ASI training course. Just take the opportunity to do it. Some manufacturers offer a rebate of an amount that will catch your interest for taking the course.

You can call the ATV Safety Institute (1-800-887-2887) or you can call the State of Utah (1-800-648-7433) for certification course times and places. They are held at various locations around the State of Utah.

If you first take the ATV Safety Institute course you must still take the written State of Utah ATV rider certification test to receive your ATV “drivers” license. To register for the State of Utah course, just call: 1800OHV RIDE (1-800-648-7433)

Or alternately, visit Official Utah ATV Safety Course for more information on this training.

You will be required to provide your own ATV for the State of Utah course. For the ASI course a smaller ATV will be provided at a nominal fee if you purchased a machine that is beyond the age recommendation for your youthful rider.

You will be a safer ATV rider. You will have more skills. You will protect the environment appropriately, you will be an asset to the community. You may also live to be a ripe old age with volumes of wonderful recreational memories to share with your progeny.

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