Muffler Modification

Muffler Modification

Hey You with the Modified Muffler


So you think it is cool to have the loudest machine on the mountain. The echo of thunder against the hills gives you a thrill. Well, bud, it’s time to get your head inspected.

Sure we heard you coming. As a matter of fact we could hear you coming for miles. Had I the commission and a badge I’d have gladly stopped you myself and written you a five thousand dollar citation and impounded your machine on the spot. It was only 11 miles back to the trail head. The walk would have done you some good.

Your 14 percent power boost, is a 300 percent pain in the wazoo for the rest of us who are trying to use the public lands with some respect and responsibility. No amount of noise is going to impress anyone. You are the jokers on the trail that no one appreciates, motorized or non-motorized. We weren’t surprised a moment when you plowed into view with your baseball cap on backwards as you raced up to the crest of a mountain top. If you’d even an ounce of good judgment you would have had on a helmet, but then your lack of judgment has already been announced by your modified muffler.

It won’t be long and a Forest/BLM Ranger will hear you on your retreat to your vehicle and they will greet you with a tow truck and summons to appear in court. If you happen to read this first, it could save you the loss of your machine and a $5,000 fine if you replace your modified muffler with the USDA approved version that came with the machine. While you are at it… get a helmet.

A fellow motorized trail hugger.

PS… If you don’t believe me, perhaps you may believe the regulations enforced by the BLM.

BLM Regulation

Title 43 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) section 8343.1(b)states, ” No off road vehicle equipped with a muffler cutout, bypass, or similar device, or producing excessive noise exceeding Environmental Protection Agency standards, when established, may be operated on public lands”.

Public lands are those federal lands administered by the BLM.

Off road vehicles are defined by 43 CFR as being; “Any motorized vehicle capable of, or designed for, travel on or immediately over land, water, other natural terrain, excluding: (1) Any nonamphibious registered motorboat; (2) any military, fire, emergency, or law enforcement vehicle while being used for emergency purposes; (3) Any vehicle whose use is expressly authorized by the authorized officer, or otherwise officially approved; (4) Vehicles in official use; and (5) Any combat or combat support vehicles when used in times of national defense emergencies.

Artwork courtesy of Paul Sorensen, Murray Utah

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